8 December 2021

Nimble Storage - Increase Your Business Agility

Today, IT administrators are challenged with many complexities such as silos of IT resources, the need to constantly fight fires such as application disruptions and being asked to do all of this with less. How can your organization overcome these challenges while being ready for the future? 

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI makes managing virtualized environments easier, delivers fast app performance, ensure apps are always-on, and ensures maximum resource efficiency. You get a software-defined management experience that virtualizes your storage and compute resources with unified management through VMware vCenter®.

Benefits for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

1. Deliver your VMs as a service—With HPE GreenLake for virtual machines, you can deliver your VMs seamlessly across your entire private cloud

 2. Achieve better performance—Use flash-optimized storage to handle workloads that require high performance, sub-ms of low-latency, and automatically balance workloads depending on actual conditions through Quality of Service (QoS)

3. Guaranteed data availability—Achieve 99.9999% measured data availability

4. Unified management—Manage all your resources through VMware vCenter and deploy applications faster to market 5.Scale on demand—Grow compute and storage independently, extended across a hybrid cloud


HPE Nimble Storage dHCI solution Helps Your business agility to increase

  • Accelerate application development by focusing on business outcomes not the underlying IT
  • Boost efficiency and manage risk with no wasted spend
  • Keep your capacity ahead of demand and easily adapt to changing business needs