Technical Team

Vladimer Ninikashvili - Network and Security Architecture

Provides network and security design for organisations. Develops and implements innovative solutions and technologies. Analyzing the technical environment in companies and identifying problems.

The projects were implemented according to his planning:

  • Terra Bank - Cisco - Complete redesign of the network
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Fortinet - Complete network redesign
  • Adjarabet - complete redesign of the network

Specializes in vendors: Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Aruba, Paloalto, F5, Radware, Forcepoint, Checkpoint, Lenovo, HPE, Huawei, Dell, VMware - NSX-T, AWS

Qualification courses and Certificates:

Internet Service Provider Cisco to Juniper
Cisco Advanced Architect and Solution Design
Juniper Advanced Architect and Design
Palo Alto Innovation Partner
Fortinet Expert
Redware and F5 Product Deep Understanding and Integration

Zurab Dzotsenidze - Network and Security System Engineer

Ensures the implementation of network security solutions in organizations.

His responsibilities include: network audit in compliance with international standards, drawing up a schematic the network, development of security mechanisms at L1-L7 level, maintenance of network infrastructure according to modern designs, active and passive planning of Wi-Fi infrastructure, preparation of documentation of security procedures.

The projects were implemented with his active involvement:

  • Liberty Bank - Aruba - Guest introduction of wi-fi for customers
  • Tegeta Motors - Cisco - Complete Network Redesign, SD-WAN Ready Network Arrangement
  • Aldagi - Complete network redesign

Specializes in vendors: Fortinet, Cisco, Aruba, ZTE, HW, DELL, HPE, Paloalto, Checkpoint.

Qualification courses and Certificates:

Curse Shenzhen - LTE Transport Network Training - ZTE
Curse Shenzhen - Training for PTN Network Optimization - ZTE

Otar Kvirkvelia - Network, Systems and Peripherals Technical Specialist - Field Engineer

He has been a member of the GT Group team since 2015. Experienced in maintaining complete enterprise infrastructure, service and monitoring - identifying and solving problems, local analysis and performing necessary work. His responsibilities include cabling and physical installation, as well as dismantling, of systems, network equipment, security systems. Through his active involvement, all the projects of the company were implemented, from the planning stage to the end.

Specializes in the following manufacturers: HP, HPE, DELL, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Philips, Canon, Xerox, Aoc;

Has passed qualification courses and received certificates:

  • HP Technical Sertified I - SMB Storage Soluions
  • HP Advanced Sales Certified – Client Virtualisation
  • Lenovo Certified Hyperconverged Sales Proffesional
  • Lenovo Certified Data Center Technical Sales Professional
  • Synematec Backup Exec სWorkshop – Copleted the Traning Cource
  • For Service Engineer completed traning

Irakli Ejibadze - Security Project Engineer

Provides planning and integration of video surveillance, restricted access, alarm and fire alarm systems for client organizations. Involved in all stages of the project.

He implemented projects:

  • "National Bank" - planning and integration of a complete security system
  • "Bank of Georgia" - Planning and Integration of Video Branches Video Control and Alarm Systems
  • "Wissol Petroleum Georgia" - Planning and Integration of Video Control of Gas Stations Across Georgia
  • "Eilat Airport" - Eilat City - Firefighting System Planning and Integration
  • "Isar Tower Nord" - Munich City - Fire alarm and firefighting planning and integration

Specializes in vendors: Dahua, Hikvision, Cdvi, Suprema, Paradox, Inim, Cofem, Detnov, Honeywell Group

Has passed qualification courses with leader vendors.

Giorgi Chaia - System Engineer

Provides development and implementation of modern IT solutions in a systematic direction. Does monitoring the existing IT infrastructure of the client organization, identifies and eliminates any trubles. Involved in all stages of the project.

Projects implemented with his active involvement:

  • ProCredit Bank - Installation of servers
  • City Court - Domain Controllers Migration Project
  • K call (call center) - IT infrastructure arrangement

Specializes in vendors HPE, Lenovo, Dell, WMware, Qnap, Microsoft, Veeam.

Has passed qualification courses and received certificates:

  • Dell Server Credential 2021
  • Dell Storage Credential 2021
  • HPE Accredited Technical Professional - Hybrid IT Solution V2