Giorgi Altunashvili - One of the founders of “GT Group”.

The success of the „GT Group“ is due to the right management and a highly qualified team.

“GT Group” is a unity of purposeful, ambitious and quality oriented people, this is the result of the fact, that recently “Hewlett Packard Enterprise” was awarded the status of the fastest growing integrator company of 2019.

Our team is well aware of the mission of this company and I am sure, together we will achieve our goals.

Jaba Shelia - one of the founders of “GT Group”.

- "I have been in the information technology business since 2000. After some time, my childhood friend, now partner Giorgi Altunashvili, decided to start our own company. We have very ambitious goals and we want to be one of the leaders in system integration in the field of information and communication technologies. Since the company was founded, we have been able to form a highly qualified and dedicated business team. We, the whole team, are constantly evolving and looking for novelty that directly impacts our customer relationships.

Levan Lemonjava - Director.

David Jibghashvili - Technical Director.

Lika Berozashvili - Project Manager.

Eto Sumbadze - Financial Manager.