24 February 2022

One More Step to Success

Nowadays, constantly updated professional specialization and folloving up with innovations, is required in the rapidly evolving field of information technology. In order for the business to be progressive and focused on the future demands of the market. The technical certifications issued by the manufacturers confirm the solid experience of the IT professional, as well as the compliance of his knowledge with modern industry standards.

In order the technical product to be exactly tailored to the customer's requirements, it is necessary for the specialist to first evaluate the infrastructure, then plan the design and finally select the right product. Vendor requirements for certification include knowledge related to these needs. In order to receive the certificate, in the process of exam preparation, professionals undergo training, for which the manufacturer creates associated trainings and gives partners access to learning materials.

Let's review the ATP Hybrid IT V2 Solutions Certificate created by HPE, which is one of the leading manufacturers. The above is designed for the specialization of the technical team of the manufacturer's partners and confirms that the specialist has experience in creating data center solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and network infrastructure.

The ATP Hybrid IT V2 Solutions certification confirms that the specialist can identify, describe, configure and manage according to the core solutions of the HPE Data Center, which focus on the infrastructure of network and servers - including HPE ProLiant Gen10, 3Par, Nimble and OneView.  Also, evaluate the requirements of the customer organization and recommend the best solution for current and expected business needs, describe HPE Data Center strategy, develop and manage HPE server, view and network solutions.

GT Group System Engineer - Giorgi Chaia is an HPE Hybrid IT Solutions V2 certified technical specialist. The development and implementation of systemic solutions by GT Group for partner organizations is carried out with the support of Giorgi Chaia.

It is noteworthy that the technical team of "GT Group" is constantly going throuwhich further strengthens the partnership between the company and the the stages of certification of leading vendors. GT Group Team members already hold a number of Vendor top-level certifications. This is a continuous annually updated process. The team is always ready to process innovations and raise the professional level, which in turn creates a professional resource for developing, delivering and implementing modern solutions.