28 January 2022

The Philosophy of Zero Trust

Traditionally, network perimeters were provided with only the primary identity of the user, when the user or device penetration in the environment was verified. In fact trust is neither binary not permanent.  According to world safety standards, in modern infrastructure it is impossible to assume that internal entities are reliable and can be managed directly or a single inspection is sufficient to reduce security risk. The zero-confidence security model pushes you to question their reliability when each user is trying to access. The networks are built around "microperimeters" and each has its own authentication requirements. Microperimeters surround specific assets such as data, applications, and services. Authentication through segmentation gateways is defined not only by user identification, but also by parameters such as device, location, time stamp, recent activity, and request description. These complex authentications are more secure and can occur in a passive background. Strictly defined authorization rules protect networks from unauthorized users. They also grant existing users only the specific privileges for which they need immediate access. Attacks usually occur far from the target, and this workflow helps us to ensure that attackers are not able to move freely in the network.

Detailed discussion of these issues and analysis of real related cases was conducted by GT Group on January 28, 2022 at the seminar - "Cisco Zero Trust". The workshop was focused on the Cisco Zero Trust model of a particular manufacturer, its advantages and the principles of working with it. The speaker analyzed the ZeroTrust model firstly in general terms and then specifically in relation to Cisco product. The final stage of the workshop was examples of cybercrime, hacker typical behaviors and the ways to avoid them.

The event was supported by the company "Alfa Distribution" and "Cisco".

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